About Our South African Butchers

Step into the story behind Susmans Best Beef Biltong

Our story begins in 1979, when our founder Larry Susman first brought his perfected biltong recipe to the mainstream market. For decades, our South African Butchers have been one of the most popular and loved businesses in our community, first back in South Africa and now in the UK. We’re known for our delicious, hand-made biltong, produced from trusted sources of high-quality, wholesome meats.

Now located in Newhaven, we’ve brought the best of South African produce to a street near to you. Not only do we operate our physical South African shop in East Sussex, but we also have our eCommerce site so that you can still order our delicious products from a distance! We ship out to the UK and internationally, so wherever you are, we are too – Click here to learn more about our delivery locations.

What are we famous for?

We are best known for selling the best beef biltong, having spent many years perfecting the biltong we make and supply to our loyal customers. This process has led us to create tasty biltong that’s like no other. To make our biltong, we use only the highest quality grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef cattle and Wild Venison Haunches and each biltong is hand cut by our butchers. Then comes the unique part of the process, where the meat is spiced with a secret family recipe. Before finally being cut into sticks and slow dried for 7 days to create one of a kind biltong.

Whether you’re shopping for jerky seasoned with salt and pepper or juicy steaks marinated in traditional South African spices, our butchers are known for their fine craftsmanship and dedication to quality ingredients. Through the years, Susman’s South African Butchers have become true culinary icons and cornerstones of South African culture. Long may they continue to serve meat lovers throughout the land!

As well as offering our delicious biltong and meats, we also cater to snackers and those with a sweet tooth. We stock South African alcohol, savoury snacks, traditional desserts, cosmetics and so much more! Click here to shop our entire selection.

Out of all the biltong suppliers, why choose us?

Not only are we passionate about our products and supplying the highest quality South African meats, but we truly care about our customers. We are a close-knit team, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share with everyone who steps through our door! We have a strong South African heritage, and our traditional recipes allow you to taste authentic flavours from our country.

Everyone at Susman’s Best Beef Biltong works together to ensure that you, our customers always receive premium products for you to truly enjoy. Because we take great pride in our work, our beef biltong really is the best in the market. Why not try for yourselves? We look forward to welcoming you into the Susmans family.

Meet our South African grocers

Larry Susman

Larry Susman

Meet the man, the myth and the legend – Our founder, Larry. We challenge you to meet someone as passionate about biltong as our boss, who has dedicated his life to producing the perfect recipes for our South African store. If you have a question to ask, then you can be sure that Larry will have the answer! As you can imagine, he’s a busy man, working hard to bring you the biltong that you know and love, so the best way to contact Larry is to email sales@biltong.co.uk.

Janet Susman

Jan Susman

Wonder how we manage to make sure every order is packaged with care? Janet puts her heart and soul into ensuring that operations run smoothly in our factory production. If you need a special order made for you, then Janet is the lady to speak to! She can also help you decide which South African wine to choose as she has now worked her way through our huge range (several times) with the help of Larry.

Lauren Susman

Lauren Susman

Having worked her way up the ranks, Lauren is now our manager, overlooking the day-to-day running of the company! Lauren acts as a second pair of eyes for Larry, dealing with your orders, suppliers, reps, etc. She is here to help customers with any concerns or questions that they may have, and is always happy to offer her expertise and suggestions for products that we know you’ll love. You can contact Lauren by emailing sales@biltong.co.uk or giving her a call on 01273 516160.

Sarah Hillier

Sarah Hillier

Sarah the first point of contact when you phone us, along with Lauren. She processes all of our internet orders, so if you would like any additional help or information please contact her on sales@biltong.co.uk. If you like anything ordered specially for you from home, just ask and she will do her best to get it sorted for you!

Ben Grantham

Ben Grantham

Ben works closely with Larry & Jan making sure that your biltong is just how you like it when it's sent out to you. You will also bump into him in our South African shop, where he can help you to find the snacks and sweets that you love! If you’re in-store, ask him for his product recommendations.