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South African Sweet Tooth Fixes

Everyone loves a special sweet treat, so we've made a list of our top 10 South African sweets and chocolates to get your taste buds excited.

03 February 2022

3 Valentines Day Essentials

Looking for something different on Valentine's Day? These are our 3 essentials...

28 December 2021

5 Best Biltong Products Of 2021

Want to know about some of the best biltong products of 2021? In this article, we cover some of our favourites and take a look at what makes them so great.

13 October 2021

How To Cook a Great Steak

Learn the best way to cook a steak for full flavour!

21 September 2021

Biltong Hampers For Christmas

Find the perfect South African gift online!

14 September 2021

Potjie Pot Recipes For Summer

We're bringing you some tasty recipes to try in your potjie pot this summer!

06 August 2021

Best Spirits For Summer

We've put together our recommendations of South African spirits to have in hand this Summer! Check them out.

19 May 2021

South African Cocktails

Kickstart your weekend with some incredible South African cocktail recipes, a twist on some of your favourite classics!

30 April 2021

Bug Alcohol Drinking Games

Looking to get the party started? Try our top five Bug shooter drinking games, guaranteed to get things going.

14 April 2021

Stock Up On Our Alcohol

If you’re looking to fill up on the good stuff, then you’re just in luck as our South African beverage experts have picked out five top picks for your drinks fridge!

23 March 2021

South African Wine Tasting

Want to host your own wine tasting session? We will teach you how to entertain guests, taste wine correctly and we'll even offer our suggestions on our best South African wines to taste at home.

05 January 2021

Essential Braai Equipment

When you next gather your family and friends around for a braai, make sure that you’re cooking with the best. Or, even if you’re just having a romantic meal with a loved one, make it extra special.

28 December 2020

Easy Dishes To Cook By Braai

Looking for quick and easy recipes to cook at your next braai?

18 November 2020

South African Gift Ideas

Whether it's Christmas, a birthday or just a token of appreciation, give a gift with a little more thought behind it. More than ever, it is so important to show your loved ones just how much you care.

16 November 2020

3 Great South African Recipes

South African recipes are known for their spice and intense flavour, but also their cooking techniques- Barbeques, grills and stews are amongst popular methods.

09 September 2020

Tips For Serving Tasty Biltong

Do you know how to best store, prepare and serve your biltong? Read our expert advice!

01 September 2020

The History Of Susmans Biltong

Find out about the history of our fantastic family business! Discover where our best biltong all started...

01 September 2020

Boerewors Sausages Facts

Boerewors sausages are one of South Africa’s favourite meaty snacks! The South African boerewors sausage originated in Nambia, which is located in South Africa.

18 August 2020

Serve Up A Treat This Summer

Have you never tried Traditional South African cuisine before? Perhaps you have and it brings back good memories, or reminds you of your younger life or relatives?

14 August 2020

The Most Delicious Braai Recipes for 2020!

As the world currently faces social distancing and much more time spent at home, this is your opportunity to relax and make the most of it! Why not bring out your braai and get cooking?

21 April 2020

South African Food Explained

Discover foods that are unique to South Africa, what each food actually is and the process that goes into making each speciality. Visit our shop or buy online!

20 March 2020

Surprising Health Benefits of Biltong

You may just know South African biltong as being a delicious snack but it’s also full of surprising health benefits, this means you can be guilt free when eating your favourite snack!

18 February 2020

Susmans Biltong - The Christmas Gift Guide

The ultimate gift guide exclusively from Susmans Best Beef Biltong. Get inspired and find the perfect gifts for those lovers of all things South African!

08 December 2019

What makes our biltong so good?

If you need more reasons why you should try Susmans Biltong then carry on reading!

30 November 2019

Top 5 ways to enjoy biltong!

If you’re a meat eater and looking for a savoury snack, then biltong is definitely one to try!

05 November 2019