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Original Beef  Boerewors per 600g

Original Beef Boerewors per 600g

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Buy 6 or more packs of any flavour Boerewors and SAVE £0.50 per pack.

600g of our most popular Beef Boerewors, made from only the best Beef and Spices, with natural skins. No Rusk or any fillers of any sort, just good old fasioned meat and spices. Slap it on the braai and remember those sunny days back home.

Note that this will be sent by interlink for next day delivery from dispatch. These are sent out frozen but packed in a poly box with ice, we cannot guarantee that you will receive this item fully frozen.

Nutritional information about Original Beef  Boerewors per 600g

I just love your Boerewors, all flavours. Always make sure I got some in my freezer. My English friends just loves it, and ask where I get it from, and there comment 'wow it is yummy.' So I gave them your website!


Traditional Beef biltong one of my favourites! Always makes sure I order. My friends can't get enough of it, and finished before I get to it! Guys go out there and order, You won't regret!


I have now ordered this boerewors several times and it is the best in the UK after trying loads. It doesnt dry up and is super juicy, decent portion and value for money.


The boerewors is very tasty and the best part, my husband can also have it. He is a celiac and the wors is gluten free. Thanks so much for all your help...


Found this Wors ver tasty indeec


Top notch wors!! The best available on in the UK!


Try telling a person from Lincolnshire that there is a better sausage than theirs. It's fighting talk in this part of the UK.However, invite them to a braai and let them try the Susmans Boerewors and their taste-buds do the talking.Susman Boerewors are now the talk of the village and I always have a couple of packs in the freezer. Sadly, my friends are now taking an interest in Biltong and try as I might, I can't bring myself to share - they'll have to buy their own.


I always have at least 2 or 3 of these packs in my freezer at any given time. Very tasty. Great on a braai. Definitely the tastiest I've had outside of SA. Have tried a few other suppliers in the UK, and Susmans is the best.


Awesome stuff best in the UK


Quite simply the best Boerewors I have ever tasted!! and gluten free to boot. What more can I say!


after having gone home for 4 months i can safely say that your boerworst is by far the best thing ive tasted


Best boerewors I have ever tasted,you can really taste the meat, the fact they don't use rusk in this product makes it supreme to other sausages. Fantastic 5*


Excellent product, whether you braai or fry it this boerie is good either way.


I've tried other boerewors, but this is just the best here in the UK!

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