Biltong king of Britain does a roaring trade


London homesick South Africans in Britain are turning to a young Brighton businessman for comfort. He might not be able to provide the sunshine - but 26-year-old Larry Susman, formerly of Johannesburg, puts together all the necessaries for a good old fashioned braai, from biltong and boerewors to stywepap. And In the eight years he's been operating he's developed a roaring trade, with nearly 3000 personal customers in England and on the Continent. There are also the outlets he supplies in London - all 60 of them, including Harrods, shopping mecca of the rich and famous. The former Northview High. Johannesburg, pupil even arranges door-to-door deliveries. Among those who swear by his product are the 150-strong staff at the South African Embassy, including Ambusador Ray Killen. Larry came to England with his parents eight years ago. 'I've been making biltong since I was at school. When I couldn't get Into university I decided to go for this this instead. It took off," be said. Larry's mlelle meal Is imported ready ground from SWA/Namibla. The game biltong posed a small problem - springbok and impala are hard to come by in Britain. "We use Scottish venison instead. It's a bit like kudu really." Prices are somewhat different from those in the Golden City. Biltong, game and beef work out at around R77 a kilogram and boerewors at R13. But it's cheaper than a return air fare home. A little Imagination, together with a bottle of KWV red or a frosty Castle beer-can - on sale in a small store off Piccadilly and you're as good as there.